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Bunkhouse  Bunkhouse Interior

Voyageurs Bunkhouses, Breakfast and Shower Options

Here at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters we understand how important it is to get a good nights sleep before your canoe trip and to eat a great meal the next morning in order to have the fuel and energy you will need to paddle to your campsite.  There's also nothing as amazing as a refreshing shower (towel included by Voyageur) after your camping experience.  Even better, if your schedule allows it, wind down by staying another night in the bunkhouse before you jump in the car and head home.   Doing this allows you time to relax after your canoe paddle back to Voyageur and helps you adjust to being back in "civilization".  Who wants to jump in a car and drive home right after a wonderful canoe trip?  Not us!  Add a bunkhouse stay, breakfast, shower, or all of the above to your Boundary Waters adventure! 

Bunkhouse Accomodations

Bunkhouse Accommodations: Our bunkhouses (camper cabins) are located across the river and are on a piece of land only accessible by boat or canoe, making them very private.  Each bunkhouse has a grill or picnic table conveniently located nearby with which to enjoy a nice evenings meal and conversation with your group.  (We offer charcoal for sale in the Outfitting store.)  The bunkhouses are located within walking distance of the bathroom and shower facilities.   For an evening stay you will need to bring your sleeping bag and any personal toiletry articles with you.  Do not leave your packs, especially food packs, outside of your bunkhouse.  We ask that our guests abide by the quiet time hours of 9 p.m. - 6:30 a.m. to ensure the best nights rest for all of our guests.

Bunkhouse Check-In: Upon check-in, your group name will be clearly marked on a dry erase board that is located on the front of your bunkhouse.  Our bunkhouses range in size.  We appreciate you notifying us as soon as possible if your group size changes or if you will not need the bunkhouse.   Our bunk space is limited so notifying us of changes will help us select the bunkhouse that is the most comfortable for your group as well as other groups arriving that day.  

Please call us the day of your arrival and provide us with your estimated time of arrival.

  If possible, please arrive at Voyageur before 5:30 p.m. so that we can show you across the river and get you situated for the evening.  We understand that not everyone can arrive before dark, so if you will be arriving after 7 p.m., please notify us as soon as possible so we can assign a late night bunk on this side of the river.  If the bunkhouses are full on this side of the river, a crew member will either stay after hours to help check you in and show you across the river, or we will arrange to have your canoes ready and your bunkhouse(s) clearly marked with your group leader name posted on it.

Pancake Breakfast

Our Voyageur Chef literally makes the best pancakes in the world. Wash your pancakes, piece of sausage and fresh fruit down with a cool glass of orange juice and/or freshly brewed coffee. It's all you can eat so chow down! If you require gluten free pancakes, no problem! Let us know in advance so that we can make them for you the morning of your trip. Enjoy!

2014 Bunkhouse, Breakfast & Shower Rates (Per Person)

Item Rate
1st Night Bunkhouse Stay with Complete Outfitting Package Free
Bunkhouse Only (1st Night) $21.00
Breakfast Only $8.00
Shower Only $6.00
Bunkhouse, Breakfast, and Shower Combo (Shower on Return from Trip) $30.00
(Free with Complete Outfitting)


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