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Becoming a Boundary Waters Family

A Boundary Waters Family

A wilderness trip in the BWCA is an opportunity for families to come together and travel along the same path.  It's a place to spend quality time together and to focus on each other.  It's a vacation that strengthens the family bonds instead of pulling them apart at the seams.  A canoe camping trip isn't like any other family vacation.  It isn't possible to ignore each other while you're paddling in a canoe working together towards a common goal.  The journey and getting there is part of the experience and that journey begins the moment you push off from shore.  Distractions in the wilderness are few and far between.  Your attention may be drawn to the appearance of wildlife however you will want to share that with each other.  When you have a fish on the line you will be too excited not to announce it to the rest of the family.  As a family unit you cook your meals, put up your tent, paddle the canoe, gather firewood and spend quality time together.   It sounds fulfilling, doesn't it?

Nature and the solitude of the wilderness provide the perfect setting for lasting memories.  Conversations around the campfire or in the tent before you drift off to sleep allow you all to relax, connect, and converse without distractions of everyday life.  The closeness you feel while focusing on each other for the length of the vacation is not possible anywhere but in the wilderness.  Everyone needs to spend more time outdoors in the natural world.  Parents owe it to their children to introduce them to the great outdoors at a young age.  The benefits of spending time outside are many including better self-esteem, improved health, and less risk of obesity.  The time spent on a wilderness canoe camping trip benefits everyone in the family and especially the children.

The wilderness is an awe-inspiring place.  The open lakes, fresh air and forests tend to open one's mind, allowing a flow of creativity and imagination.  It can be a cleansing and refreshing place where deep thoughts can be expressed.  There is time for contemplation while sitting on a rock listening to the sounds of nature.  Paddling the crystal clear lakes and camping beneath the star-filled sky is a perfect way to introduce your children to nature.  A canoe trip provides children with the opportunity to reach many goals.  Through the attainment of these goals their self-esteem is built and their mental health is improved.   Their confidence in themselves and their abilities will soar as they learn to live in the great outdoors.

There is no time like the present to take a family canoe camping trip in the wilderness.  The benefits you receive from spending quality time in the great outdoors with your family will be long lasting.  Take the time now to experience a real family vacation...  The bonds you make will last just as long as the memories.  We invite you to Become a Boundary Waters Family with Voyageur Canoe Outfitters.  This summer we're offering special dates and packages for Becoming a Boundary Waters Family.  Prior to your trip we'll even send you a free copy of the new book, "Becoming a Boundary Waters Family".  This book includes valuable information from the Gunflint Trail Outfitters and was produced with the help of the USFS.  Together we'll be offering special seminars for families who want to become a Boundary Waters Family in order to help you and your kids feel even more comfortable in the woods.  We have special package dates and prices for Becoming a Boundary Waters Family but you are welcome to come any other time as well.

Becoming a Boundary Waters Family is your how-to guide for camping and canoeing the BWCA

The Becoming a Boundary Waters Family book is filled with tips for everything you need to bring and want to know: Family in Canoe
  • picking the right canoe for you and your family
  • crash course in camp clothing
  • what to drink when you are surrounded by water
  • bird identification
  • helpful hints for traveling with kids
  • fish finding
  • finding out where you are
  • all about bears
  • campfire magic
  • packing out what you pack in
  • moose and much, much more!

Becoming a Boundary Waters Family Details

The Becoming a Boundary Waters Family is a discounted Voyageur Canoe Outfitters Standard Expedition Package for the BWCA and Quetico Park.   It is the perfect package for beginners and experts alike.  You will find everything you need in the Standard Expedition Package.  Almost everything is provided in our completely outfitted packages except for clothes, personal items, t oiletries, fishing gear, permits, fishing licenses and park fees.  We can reserve a permit for you at the time you place your reservation and we can help you get a fishing license when you check in.

All of our Complete Outfitting Packages include a routing session prior to your trip complete with a Boundary Waters map.   The routing session will cover how to use the equipment that comes with your particular package, how to paddle and portage a canoe, where to find the best camp sites and we'll even show you our favorite fishing hot spots.  We provide a private bunkhouse for your group the night before your trip, a hot pancake breakfast the morning of your trip, and use of the shower house before and after your trip.  You only need to bring your personal articles and we will provide you with everything else you might need, including a trip preparation packet that we will send to you in the mail prior to your trip.  This packet contains important wilderness travel information as well as a suggested pack list.

Becoming a Boundary Waters Family 2014 Dates

We will post the 2014 dates as soon as we can.  If you are interested in a Becoming a Boundary Waters trip for 2014, please feel free to call us and we will arrange a trip around the dates that you have available until we post the actual dates for these packages.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
June 16th June 17th June 18th June 19th June 20th
June 23rd June 24th June 25th June 26th June 27th
June 30th July 1st July 2nd July 3rd July 4th
July 7th July 8th July 9th July 10th July 11th
July 14th July 15th July 16th July 17th July 18th
Arrive in the afternoon. Briefing & night in your private bunkhouse. Breakfast & then seminars. Trip routing & instruction. Night in private bunkhouse. Breakfast & pack up. Paddle & set up camp in BWCA. Paddle & Camp in the Boundary Waters. Return to Voyageur and depart for home.

Price per adult: $360.00        Children ages 7-18: $232.00         Children ages Birth - 6: Free

Becoming a Boundary Waters Family Tips and Resources

Canoe Children

Printable Outfitter Seminar Schedule for Tuesdays

Check out the Becoming a Boundary Waters Family book!

Paddle with Your Kids!

You want to go on a canoe camping trip but you are afraid:
Kids are too young
Kids will get bored
My kids are too lazy
I don't know how
I can't afford it

A Few Tips for Planning a Wilderness Canoe Camping Trip with Children

Paddling with Really Young Ones


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