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What do I need for Canadian Travel?

Remote Area Border Crossing Permit
Passport, Passport Card or One of the Following
Quetico Provincial Park
Crownland of Canada
Fishing in Canada

Remote Area Border Crossing Permit

In order to enter into Canada you must have a Remote Area Border Crossing Permit. This permit is only for residents of Canada and the United States and can only be used in designated areas such as the wilderness border of the Boundary Waters and Quetico Park.

The permit is good for one year and takes 3-6 weeks to be processed. Please allow plenty of time for mailing. A $30.00 Non-Refundable Processing Fee payable by Visa, Mastercard or Discover is due at the time of application. Applications can be found at this website.

An entire family can be listed on the same permit as long as the applicant's spouse or partner has been living with the applicant for one or more years. Their dependent children under 22 years of age as well as any adopted children may be listed with legal proof of adoption.

Leaders of special groups may fill out a Group Manifest Form for the youth under age 18.

If you have been convicted of a felony such as driving while under the influence or if you are not a citizen of Canada or the United States then you will not be granted a RABCP. You may go to this website to find out more information about being granted a pardon.

More information can be found at this website.

Passport, Passport Card or One of the Following

On June 1, 2009, U.S. citizens returning home from Canada will be required to present one of these travel documents: US Passport, US Passport Card, Enhanced Driver's License or Trusted Traveler Program Card. To find out more about Enhanced Driver's License or Trusted Traveler Program Cards visit this website.

Purchasing a Passport Card will allow you to travel to and from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and some of the Caribbean. It is less expensive than a Passport and takes approximately 3 weeks to process. It is good for 10 years for an adult and 5 years for a minor under the age of 16; just like a Passport. The cost for a minor to apply is $35.00 and the cost for a first-time adult applicant is $45.00. If you already have a passport and wish to purchase a Passport Card then the cost is only $20.00.

You can find where to apply for a passport online at this website.

To save time and trouble at the issuing agency be sure to read over information from this website: Special documentation is needed to apply and when applying for your children they must be present with you.

If you are a U.S. or Canadian citizen under the age of 16 then you will need to present the original or copy of your birth certificate, or other proof of citizenship such as a naturalization certificate or citizenship card in order to apply for a passport.

Groups of U.S. and Canadian children ages 16 through 18, when traveling with a school or religious group, social organization, or sports team, will be able to enter under adult supervision with originals or copies of their birth certificates or other proof of citizenship.


You can return to the United States from Canada via a watercraft with or without an I-68. An I-68 is valid for one year and costs $16.00 for an individual or $32.00 for a family. If you have an I-68 and are returning from Canada you can call to check in with a Customs Officer. If you do not have an I-68 then you must stop and check-in in person.

Customs is the I-68 issuing agency and the Border Patrol is the enforcement agency. Any and all questions concerning issuance of the I-68 should be directed to, Customs and Border Protection, Pigeon River Port of Entry (218) 475-2244 or 217-475-0060.

From May through October the Coast Guard Station in Grand Marais, MN will hold the Office of Field Operations. The office will be open from 9-5pm with 1-2 people on staff. People with an I-68 will call this office upon returning from Canada. This will also be where people can stop and apply for the I-68. As of June 1, 2009 a passport or passport card will be necessary to apply for an I-68.

You may also apply for an I-68 anywhere there is an International Port of Entry such as an International Airport. More information about the I-68 may be found at this website.

Quetico Provincial Park

Permits are required to enter the Quetico Provincial Park beginning around mid-May and ending around mid-September. Permits can be reserved five months in advance of the start date of your trip. If you are planning to enter the Quetico Park on Jun 17th, then your permit can be reserved on January 17th. Permits for the Quetico may only be made by telephone at the number 1-888-668-7275. For general information about the Quetico Park you may visit this website.

When reserving a permit to enter the Quetico Park you will need a credit card for a deposit of $112.00; $12 of which is the reservation fee and $100.00 of which is credited towards your overnight camping fees. The overnight camping fees for adults are $20.00 and for youth ages 6-17 it is $8.00. For more information about rates you can visit the Park website. Be sure to look at the non-resident rates for entry from the south through Cache Bay. For an overview of the Quetico Park you will find a map at this site.

*In the Quetico Park no live bait is allowed, this means leeches, minnows, night crawlers or any other organic bait. Barbless hooks or hooks that have been pinched down are required for fishing in the Quetico Park. While lead free tackle is recommended it is not required.

Crownland of Canada

The Canadian side of Saganaga and other lakes and camping areas to the East of the Quetico Park are considered the Queen's Land of Canada or Crownland. In order to camp in this region a Crownland Camping Permit is required for each night in the wilderness. There is no need to reserve these permits in advance because Voyageur sells them for $10.00/person/night. For more information about Crownland camping visit their website.

Fishing in Canada

New in 2009 is the requirement to purchase an Outdoors Card. These cards are valid for three years and are available where fishing licenses are sold for a cost of $9.00. You can find out more about the Outdoors Card at this website.

On the Gunflint Trail Canadian Licenses may be found at Gunflint Lodge, on Saganaga at Chippewa Inn and at the Canadian Ranger Station in Cache Bay. If you would like to purchase a license ahead of time then you may do so by calling the Ministry of Natural Resources at 1-800-667-1940. There are a few places to purchase licenses online for a fee.

Non-Residents age 18 and older must purchase a fishing license and outdoor card. People 17 and under may purchase a license and outdoor card if they wish to possess their own limit of fish. However, if they do not wish to have their own limit then they may fish under the license of an adult in the group with their fish counting as part of the adult limit. Five or more youth ages 17 and younger may purchase a group fishing license as long as an adult in the group has a license.

There are two main types of fishing licenses to choose from in Canada. The Sportfishing License Tag and the Conservation License Tag. If you plan to mainly catch and release then the conservation license is the best choice. The difference between these two tags is explained on this website.

Licence TypeAvailable From2009 Fee for Non-Canadian Residents
Non-Canadian Resident Temporary Fishing Outdoors Card and Application only. Annual licence tags must be purchased. 1,800+ licence issuers (including ServiceOntario offices) throughout the province $9.00
Sport Fishing Licence Tag - valid for the calendar year 1,800+ licence issuers throughout the province $68.00
Conservation Fishing Licence Tag - valid for the calendar year 1,800+ licence issuers throughout the province $41.75
Eight-day Sport Fishing Licence* 1,800+ licence issuers throughout the province $43.50
Eight-day Conservation Fishing Licence * 1,800+ licence issuers throughout the province $25.25
One-Day Sport Fishing Licence (Great Lakes and connecting waters including Lake St. Clair, Rondeau Bay, St. Lawrence River and Lake St. Francis) Available from many charter boat operators, licence issuers and ServiceOntario offices along the Great Lakes and throughout Southern Ontario. $18.25
Non-Canadian Resident Angling Licence for a Member of an Organized Camp ServiceOntario offices $4.25 per child
Lake St. Joseph tags Lake St. Joseph tourist operator from whom accommodation is obtained No charge

When fishing in Canada you may not bring any live minnows, crayfish or leeches into Canada. You must purchase bait from a Canadian business. It is unlawful to empty bait containers including the water into any Canadian water: This must be done away from the water. Crawlers are an invasive species so use extreme caution and do not let them get onto the bare ground even if you think they are dead. You may find all of the fishing regulations on this website.

*In the Quetico Park no live or dead bait is allowed, this means leeches, minnows, night crawlers or any other organic bait. Barbless hooks or hooks that have been pinched down are required for fishing in the Quetico Park. While lead free tackle is recommended it is not required.


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