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Voyageur Crew
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“When I must leave the great river
O bury me close to its wave
And let my canoe and my paddle
Be the only mark over my grave"

From 'Mon Canoe d'écorce' ('My Bark Canoe') translated by Frank Oliver Call

Peaceful Easy Feeling
I get that peaceful easy feeling every time I canoe camp in the Boundary Waters or Quetico Park. The lyrics from the song by the Eagles describes what I feel when I plant my feet on a BWCA campsite, "I get a peaceful easy feeling, and I know you won't let me down, because I'm already standing on the ground." I know if I need to clear my thoughts and gain clarity time in the BWCA will do the trick.
A canoe camping trip in the Boundary Waters is a vacation like no other. It's time away from the computer, texts, phone calls, television and other daily distractions. It's quiet time where refrigerators don't buzz, air conditioners don't hum and traffic can't be heard. It's the place to watch the sun set, moon rise and stars twinkle overhead.
We all need quiet time to still our minds. We need vacations to recharge ourselves. The best bang for your buck when you're in search of a peaceful easy feeling is a trip to the BWCA. Come find yours soon.

Weather and What Not

It was a slow start to summer but for the most part July was great for canoe camping in the Boundary Waters and Quetico. August has started out beautifully and every morning I find myself singing, "It's a beautiful day..." The sky has been painted blue, the lake water calm and the mercury on the thermometer at 70 degrees.
Water levels are high for this time of the season and in general. I was able to paddle through the creek that connects the 3rd Bay of Saganaga and Swamp Lake before Monument Portage. I've never been able to paddle through there before.  A good snow cover combined with plenty of rain in the spring has kept things wet enough we haven't had a fire ban this season. We hope to make it through the season without any fires.
Guests are reporting lots of wildlife out in the canoe country and around Voyageur. Bears have been spotted swimming, moose have been seen munching in the shallows and lots of winged wonders spotted in the sky. Loons, chipmunks, red squirrels and eagles are species seen by almost all of our guests.
August looks like it will be a great month to paddle and camp in the Boundary Waters and Quetico Park. September is always a wonderful month to experience the canoe country too. We have vacancies in our cabins if you prefer to paddle during the day and have a roof over your head at night.
There's plenty of time to visit us at Voyageur this season and we hope to see you soon.
Voyageur Crew

A common complaint we hear from other business owners is how hard it is to find good help. I guess we are lucky because we have great people as members of our Voyageur Crew.


Elsa is keeping everyone fat and happy with her cooking in the kitchen. Many of our guests have had the pleasure of eating her food as guests of our new and popular Dinner Option at Voyageur. It's not offered every night but it's worth scheduling your trip around the days it is available.
Mark has been busy keeping our tow boats running smoothly and our other boats, motors and mechanical things working. He's a great guy to have around because he knows how to do just about everything and he knows the fishing spots on Saganaga too!
Matt and Evan returned for the summer and have been driving tow boats, keeping outfitting gear in proper order and helping out where needed.  Paul, Luke and Tony have been helping in the same capacity as well. 
Abigail has been packing our food this summer and keeping her area of the outfitting building spic and span. She's been in charge of laundry and no one has ever done a better job at it than her.  Kira has been helping in the store, serving, working in outfitting and doing little projects. She's done some painting, sign making and has been a big help to Elsa in the kitchen.  Hannah has been amazing in the store and office. She's detailed, organized and most importantly, friendly. Our guests love visiting with her.
We know you will love our crew but you better get here soon because some of them leave for school.

Voyageur Brewing Company

You read it right, we're part of a group of Three Families who are opening a brewery in Grand Marais, Minnesota.  By the first of the year we hope to have our Tap Room open for guests to come in, eat an appetizer and sample our craft beer selections.
We plan to bottle our beer and have it available at restaurants in Duluth and in the Arrowhead of Minnesota.  Next summer you'll be able to pick up a growler and have it filled so you can bring it into the BWCA on your canoe trip.
We're super excited about this adventure and hope you will be too.  Be sure to check out our website, Like us on Facebook and most importantly, Drink our Beer!

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