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September 18, 2013

Do We Stay or Do We Go Now?

Filed under: Voyageur Canoe Outfitters Experience — Sue Prom @ 3:14 am

This year was my fourth trip into BWCA through Voyageur Canoe Outfitters. This year was different because it was just me and my 13 year old son. This was his first Boundary Waters trip. And what a blast we had. I chose the Boundary Waters entry point 54- SeagullLake. My idea was to base camp in Seagull and portage into Alpine to do some serious fishing. After setting up camp the first day Me and my son spent the rest of the day swimming and “cliif diving off of a 8 ft cliff in the northern edge of Seagull.

We decided to go to Alpine in the morning. The first night after cleaning up supper, I was very tired so, i decided to goto bed at about 10:30. My son came in tent about midnight. And rouoghly around 12:30 am it started to rain. It did not quit until 11:00 am the next morning. After climbing out tent at 11:30, my son ask me “what do we do now”.
At about the same time my son woke up from sleep, the sun appeared in the sky. I told my son get up and lets start hanging up sleeping bags and clothes. Everything in tent was completely soaked with rain water. We hung everything up on lines soo we could sleep on dry sleeping bags that night. Since sun was up, we decided to paddle to alpine. As soon as we reached the portage to Alpine it began to pour down rain. I son asked came we go back to camp. I told him yes that was fine. When we made it back to camp, everthing was completely soggy soaked. My son then asked” do we stay or do we go now? Since the time was 4:30, I told him the we go now.

Once we got back to Voyageur Canoe Outfitters Mike informed us the we received 4 inches of rain that day and that all other groups return in the early moring. I felt better that we were the last to come in. Even though we had 4 inches of rain I would not have chenged a thing. My son and I had a great father and son BWCA bonding experience. Thanks Voyageur Crew.


Upland, IN