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Women of the Woods
Women in the Woods

Voyageur Canoe Outfitters Women of the Woods Packages

A wilderness canoe camping trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area may sound a bit intimidating to a woman who hasn't done much paddling or camping.  The thought of navigating a wilderness lake with a map and a compass could even scare an experienced outdoors-woman.  There are active women out there seeking adventures in the great outdoors but who may not necessarily have friends or family members that have similar interests and that is why we at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters offer canoe trips for "Women Only."

People who take wilderness canoe trips know how incredible of an experience it can be.

People who take wilderness canoe trips know how incredible of an experience it can be.  They come back to civilization feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and recharged from the peace and serenity of the natural world.  While a single woman may not feel comfortable venturing out into the woods alone, the thought of doing it with a group of women may sound very appealing.  The sense of security and camaraderie that comes from traveling together connects us to others and helps us to better understand ourselves in the process.

A Boundary Waters trip promotes both mental and physical health.  Fun loving, adventurous women are welcome to join one of our Women's Trips whether they have never been on a trip or have been on many.  Beginners may participate to learn new skills while more experienced paddlers may join an existing group to leave the planning and preparation up to someone else.  Whatever the reason, our participants experience the wonders of the woods, a sense of accomplishment and the joy of being a part of a sustainable eco tour.


You will arrive at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters on the first day of your session to meet the rest of your group and discuss your trip.  After your routing session, you will pack up your personal articles and depart for 3 nights of camping and 4 days of paddling in the wilderness.  Group participants will return to Voyageur on the 4th day and will spend the night in one of our luxurious Lodge Hideaway units to celebrate their accomplishment.  Enjoy breakfast with us in the morning in our main lodge before you head for home with wonderful memories of your wilderness canoe camping experience.


This package has been designed for women by women.  It has a special menu that doesn't require hours of time spent cooking over a campfire.  We figure we women do plenty of cooking at home!  This complete outfitting package includes everything you need for a wilderness canoe camping adventure.  We provide sleeping bags, sleeping pads, tents, packs, food, canoe, life vests, paddles and everything you need.  You just bring your personal clothing, toiletry items and fishing gear if you want to fish.  We will send you a trip preparation packet prior to your trip to help you in the packing of your personal items.  In an effort to bring awareness to women's health and to promote an active outdoor lifestyle we will also include a Pink Paddle made by Wenonah Canoe designed by the previous owner of Voyageur Canoe Outfitter's, Sue Prom.  This is a lightweight, bent shaft paddle made from graphite that you would get to bring home with you.  

Sessions 2010
Sessions 2014

We are offering three scheduled Women's Trips for the summer of 2014 (please call to confirm dates).  Each session features an easy route suitable for beginning paddlers and costs only $550.  The Simple and Easy Package focuses on absolutely no cooking and 3 - 4 hours of paddling a day.   The Simple and Easy Package will prepare you to lead your own trip into the wilderness someday, while the 50 and Over Package is specifically designed for women in that age group.

Pink Paddle Trips 2014
Arrive & Paddle Paddle & Camp Off Water & Lodge Stay Depart Theme
June 30th July 1st-July 4th July 4th July 5th Simple and Easy
July 6 July 7-July 10 July 10 July 11 Boundary Waters School
July 13 July 14-July 17 July 17 July 19 50 and over

The Great Outdoors is calling your name so come join us for a Women's Only Trip!

The Great Outdoors is calling your name so come join us for a Women's Only Trip!

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